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Hi! I'm Daniel Baxter, the proud new owner of a Network of Sites. I am super excited about the upcoming
launch of my new supersolo network. All of my traffic sites with mailing capability will be part of this
network. I invite you to join my new venture by listing your site in the new Ads Infantry Supersolo Network.

  Owners, scroll down for an information box where you can get your site connected.

   We are a free solo text ad traffic exchange with affordable upgrade options.  
We strive to approve your ads often! Your needs will always be a Top Priority.  

We are a full-service advertising service where you can post banners,
button banners, traffic links, solo ads, login ads, header ads,
hot header ads, headline ads, and much, much more!

And We Now Have Super

Ads Infantry Supersolo Network
Goes out to 20 Sites with 2,052 Members and Growing!
50 Sites are set to be connected to date.

Ultimate Network SUPER Solo Ads
Goes Out to 85+ Sites, Total Combined Membership of over 87,423



                Daniel Baxter : Owner                         Cheryl Gardner: Admin

 Army Veteran & Entrepreneur                   Network Marketer

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Army Veteran/Entrepreneur Daniel Baxter is launching the Ads Infantry Super Solo Network with it's Host Mailer on June 15, 2020.

Join us at Chalkboard Ads with this awesome new Mailer along with 61 other Sites already connected in the Ads Infantry Network.                

If you own a Mailer, get your site connected Today at the HUGE DISCOUNT PRICE of only $35.00. After Launch, the Connection Fee will be $60.00.
More information will be provided on the Network Supersolo Page as soon as it is ready.

You can get connected Right Now by submitting payment. Press a Button Below.

1 Site - Buy Now 2 Sites - Buy Now 3 Sites - Buy Now

After making payment, email Cheryl Gardner with your Cpanel details for the programmer. Your information will be kept scrictly confidential.

(Please us Gmail accounts .. they are free.. )
Boxbe, Spam Arrest, Auto-replies or ANY Type Of Autoresponder
(even manual replies) will cause your account to "bounce."
Once your account has bounced it will be deleted without warning.

WARNING: OVER QUOTA will get your account deleted!
Do not use e-mail addresses where you have auto-replies setup.
They will be considered as SPAM and will be tagged as such.
And your account WILL BE DELETED..

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